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FAB Evening Event: November 2, 2012

The Sangamon County Medical Society Foundation with The Sangamon County Medical Society
presented the FAB Evening "Creating Powerful Partnerships for Community Health" on November 2, 2012.

We would like to thank our generous sponsors, donors, and vendors for making the FAB evening
such a wonderful success! Click here for a complete list.

A sincere thank you to all who attended the event and helped support our community by
creating powerful partnerships for community health.

Kemia Sarraf receiving the State Humanitarian Award

Julie Baylor (State President), Lisa Stone, Mercedes Cabaleiro, Cass Nester, Donna Jean Gibney,
June Agamah, Lin Votrain

Harriet Steahly, Donna Jean Gibney, June Agamah, Kathy O'Marro

Cass Nester, Kathy O'Marro, Lynn Freitag

SCMS Foundation Celebrates SAVE Day

Sangamon County Medical Society Foundation celebrated SAVE Day, October 13, 2010 with a Health, Nutrition, Anti Bullying Fun Fair at Asbury's Children's Supper Hour, another of our SCMS Foundation Health Projects.

Several Foundation member volunteers, Kathy Marshall, June Agamah, Rae Long and Valerie Idusuyi provided the delicious, healthy evening meal for sixty or more children ages 2-14. Lisa Stone worked tirelessly setting up booths and activities. Member Joanne Kulkarni loaned us medical equipment for the children to practice being a doctor for the afternoon. Medical activities and work books about what doctors do was manned by Kathy OMarro. Lin Vautrain taught about healthy snacks helping the kids create colorful fruit kabobs.

Sangamon County Foundation President Lynn Freitag presented the SCMS Foundation Health Project funding of $1500.00 to Asbury's Children's Supper Hour to purchase fresh fruit, vegetables and milk throughout the year for the children who are part of program. Mrs. Freitag also manned our NO Bully ball toss booth where star shaped sunglasses were a big hit. SCMS Director Rob Winchester taught the children conflict resolution techniques with our "It's Not Okay To Bully" video. Also pictured as a volunteer patient, Alliance member Vicki Potter, Director of Asbury's Children's Supper Hour and SAVE Day chair.

SCMS Foundation Humanitarian

Gloria Henkle was posthumously awarded the SCMSA's 2009-2010 Humanitarian of the Year Award at the April 28, 2010 meeting. Her husband, Dr. Joe Henkle and son, Ben were there to accept the award. Gloria was a long time member of SCMSA. She passed away in March 2009 after a decade of fighting breast cancer.

Gloria's accomplishments are many both in the worlds of health care and education. While Gloria was being treated for her cancer at SIU, she realized that she could have greatly benefited from conversations and support from a cancer survivor. In the hopes of helping others in the future, Gloria founded WISER — Women in Support of Each Other's Recovery — a one-on-one peer mentoring program at the Breast Center to help fill this need.

Crossing the world into education, Gloria and her church family at Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church took Black Hawk Elementary School under its wings. Gloria spearheaded a group of volunteers to re-open the school's library in January 2006 after it had been closed for nearly five years due to a lack of funding. Thanks to their efforts, the library remains open today, 4 1/2 years after Gloria dusted off the first book.

Gloria's charitable spirit, hard work, and positive outlook on life contributed so successfully to improve the well being of Springfield residents. It is why Gloria is so deserving of this recognition.

Coordinated Access to Community Health - CATCH Update

Over the summer, the CATCH Board of Directors has advanced the plans for the start of the CATCH program. Board Chair Dennis McManus, M.D. reports that 82 physicians have signed up to accept uninsured CATCH patients. The program start-up date should be November, 2010, two months earlier than originally thought. Dennis McManus will offer doctor-to-doctor orientations in October.

The Sangamon County Medical Society is providing the office for Acting Director Michelle Tucker. Michelle is also serving as part-time Interim Director of the Medical Society until a new director is hired. Working with the board members and Dr. McManus, Michele is recruiting physicians and finalizing the role of each of the community partners. These partners include community agencies that serve the uninsured, both Memorial and St. John's Hospitals, SIU School of Medicine, the Springfield Clinic, Capitol Community Health Clinic, and the Public Health Department.

CATCH has received several grants to complete the planning and provide start-up funds. The $100,000 from St. John's and Memorial has paid for Michelle Tucker's salary and consultation. United Way and the Dominican Sisters have awarded grants. SIU School of Medicine is helping the board apply for a $100,000 a year federal grant. DuPage County's Access Program continues to provide in-kind consultation and computer and office expertise.

How can the Foundation help? We can update our spouses on CATCH, and encourage them to participate in this greater effort to track and report the charity care they are most likely already providing to the underserved in our community. A specific job description depends on where you spouse practices. The Medical Society will email you a CATCH physician agreement which details these responsibilities. CATCH needs all internist, family practitioners, and especially specialty care doctors. CATCH’s Fair Share principle recognizes that physicians are already taking care of the uninsured, and that CATCH will refer enrolled patients equally to CATCH physicians. Most physicians could expect one patient per month, but can accept as many as they wish.

The CATCH Director will case manage the enrolled patients and facilitate their referral to a medical home as well as any needed community agencies, compliance, transportation and medical education services. The hospitals will provide diagnostic services without charge. CATCH's Prescription Coordinator (who will be Michelle Tucker as soon as a Director is hired) will do the paperwork to get the needed medicine.

The goal of CATCH is to provide timely access to necessary medical service for Sangamon County low-income, medically uninsured residents. The result will be
• a decrease in non-emergent ER visits and hospitalizations,
• more cost-effective health care,
• better tracking of charity care, and
• a proactive response to the uninsured health issue.

DuPage County's program serves as a model and their evidence-based outcomes these successful results. For more information, contact Dr. Dennis McManus or Michelle Tucker.

2010 Athena Award Winner, Deb Shultz

Deb Shultz, director of Girls on the Run of Central Illinois, received the Springfield Chamber of Commerce's Athena Award on Wednesday, September 15, 2010.

"This award isn't about me," Shultz said. "It's about the woman who founded the program, the girls who participate and the amazing women who make it happen."

Girls on the Run (GOTR) is an international, non-profit prevention program that prepares girls ages 8-13 to run 3.1 miles and educates them about healthy physical and emotional lifestyles. Deb has been the executive director of GOTR since its inception in Springfield. The program empowers girls at an early age to prevent the display of future at-risk behaviors, giving girls greater self confidence, a stronger sense of identity, a healthier body image, and a better sense of community. The program is administered in the autumn and the spring at both public and private Springfield elementary schools. New and recurring sites participate each year. A second tier of the program, Girls on Track, adapts the program for pre-teen girls.

"Today's girls face so many challenges — to look a certain way, to act a certain way — Girls on the Run lets girls do nothing but be themselves," Shultz said.

In 13 seasons at 66 program sites, GOTR has touched the lives of more than 100 volunteer coaches who have inspired 700 girls to run a 5K and complete a 10-week, 20-lesson curriculum to encourage healthy physical, emotional, social and intellectual development. The autumn season is under way at 12 Springfield schools, with 50 coaches mentoring 180 girls. Those girls will finish the season together by running a 5K scheduled for Saturday, November 13 at Springfield Christian School.

While most other GOTR programs in the United States employ a full-time person for the director's duties, Deb has volunteered her time since 2004 to make GOTR a thriving success.

A nominator wrote, "What makes Deb exceptional is that she embodies the principles of the very program she directs. She personifies the spirit of the program with her energy, vitality, strong self-esteem, and healthy lifestyle. Her zest for life, her passion for the program, her tireless drive to enrich the lives of these girls is beyond compare. She represents an effective community leader: one who gives without expecting accolades, one who inspires everyone she meets with a passionate attitude; one who has the knowledge, skills, and initiative to get things done, combined with an exceptional wellspring enthusiasm and joyfulness."

GOTR makes a powerful impact in girls' lives, as one girl wrote, "Girls on the Run made me fearless. Before Girls on the Run, I never tried out for anything because I was afraid I was going to fail. Girls on the Run made me feel invincible. I know I can accomplish my goals if I try hard enough."

Through GOTR, Shultz has helped young girls, coaches, parents, siblings, and teachers make healthier lifestyle choices, improving the quality of their lives and ultimately the quality of the Springfield community.

The Springfield Chamber of Commerce has presented the Athena Award for 12 years. The award honors community leaders who help women reach their full potential. Athena International, created in 1982, has award programs in more than 600 communities worldwide.

Legislative News

Health Care Reform is a major national issue. H.R. 3200 America's Health Choices Act of 2009 is on all of our minds. We are called to action. Now, more than ever, all of our voices must be heard. The health care debate is ever-evolving. We must keep current on the latest updates and share our concerns with our lawmakers.

For the latest legislative updates, make frequent visits to:

Use the AMA in Washington website, to sign up for action alerts and to contact Congress.

Share your concerns with:

Senator Richard J. Durbin - 202-224-2152
Senator Roland Burris - 202-224-2854
Representative Aaron Schock (R-018) - 202-225-6201 (Capitol)
309-671-7027 (District)

AMA Washington Office
25 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Suite 600
Washington, D.C. 20001

AMA Grassroots Hotline: 1-800-833-6354

Elected officials rely on constituent input to be effective legislators. Ongoing communication is the only way public representatives will know and understand how voters feel about particular issues. As a member of the medical community, your responsibility in communicating with members of Congress is especially important. No one can better explain the complex nature of health care policy decisions than those involved on a day-to-day basis in the medical profession.

Click here for A Guide to Communicating with Members of Congress. Make sure your voice is heard.

As our SCMSA President, Kathy O'Marro, receives legislative information, she will forward it to you by email. If you do not currently receive information from Kathy, send her your email address. You will find her contact information on the Member's Only site. If you want to become a member of the Sangamon County Medical Society Alliance, contact the Sangamon County Medical Society office at 217-525-0765.

September 9, 2009

Durbin Welcomes Springfield Doctor As
Special Guest to Joint Session of Congress

[WASHINGTON, D.C.] — Assistant Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin (D-IL) today announced that his guest for tonight's address by President Obama to a Joint Session of Congress will be Springfield resident and member of the faculty at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Dr. Janet Albers. Durbin, a member of the Senate Escort Committee, will meet with his guest prior to the joint session.

"I am honored to welcome Dr. Albers as my guest to tonight's Joint Session of Congress," said Durbin. "Her efforts to establish a program for uninsured, low-income adults in and around Springfield attacks one of the biggest problems we face in this country today — lack of affordable access to primary medical care. I look forward to hearing her thoughts on the President's address and about her efforts to expand community health services in Sangamon County."

Dr. Albers is the Program Director for the residency program in family and community medicine at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. She was born in Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, raised in Decatur, Illinois and has lived in Springfield for the last 12 years. She sits on the Board of Directors of the Illinois Academy of Family Physicians and is a past president of the Sangamon County Medical Society for which she currently serves as Chairwoman of the Society's Community Health Committee.

Under her leadership, the medical society began a project which seeks to improve access to health care for low income, uninsured residents in Sangamon County. The project, known as the Coordinated Access to Community Health (CATCH) program, is modeled after a program in DuPage County that has brought hospitals, physicians, local government, human services agencies, and community groups together to help more adults establish a medical home for primary care. Senator Durbin's office has been closely involved in the formation of this program.

Foundation Executive Board, 2010-11 Officers

Left to right: Julie Tarter, Treasurer; Donna Jean Gibney,
Vice-President; Jacqueline Alford, ISMSA President;
Lawrence J. Smith, M.D.; Lynn Freitag, President; Cass Nester,
President-Elect; Mercedes Cabalerio, Recording Secretary;
Lisa Thiele, Corresponding Secretary, not pictured.

Past President, Kathy O'Marro, ISMSA President;
Lawrence J. Smith, M.D.; and Lynn Freitag, President.

SCMS Foundation 2009/2010 Executive Board
At the Installation Luncheon, April 2009

Left to right: Kara Huston, Recording Secretary; Julie Tarter, Treasurer; Donna Jean Gibney,
Vice-President; Lynn Freitag, President-Elect; Kathy O'Marro, President; Karen Jasper,
ISMSA President. Marla Pick, Corresponding Secretary, not pictured.

Humanitarian Award Winners for 2009

(left to right) Foundation member Barb Hennessy, Joan Reardon Mahoney,
Foundation member Beebe Panepinto

(left to right) Foundation member Barbara Burris, Lisa Burris

SCMS Foundation Photo Archives

Fine Arts Holiday Boutique, November 2008

Pictures from SCMS Foundation's 4th annual Fine Arts Holiday Boutique. Members combined fun and work for a successful event that raised money to help support our community health projects.

SCMS Foundation Annual Installation Luncheon, May 2008

Pictured left to right: Vesselin Oreshkov, M.D., Renee Oreshkov, 2008-09 SCMS Alliance President, Benny Hizon, ISMS Alliance President, Tanya DeSanto, D.D.S., 2007-08 SCMS Foundation President, and Eric Bleyer, M.D., SCMS President at the SCMS Foundation's annual installation luncheon held May 14, 2008, at Island Bay Yacht Club.

SCMS Foundation Humanitarian Award, 2006-2007

Harish Bhatt, far right, is the recipient of the 2006-2007 SCMS Foundation Humanitarian Award presented by Joanne Kulkarni, middle next to Mrs. Bhatt on the left.

Inauguration Luncheon 2007

Dr. Tanya DeSanto, President, SCMS Foundation and Dr. Sumanta Mitra,
President SCMS, at the Inauguration Luncheon, May, 2007
at Illini Country club.

SCMS Foundation News Archives, 2008-2009

Vicki Potter, Director
c/o Asbury United Methodist Church
1229 South Grand Avenue East
Springfield, IL 62703

Dear Foundation Friends — 10/9/08 SAVE Day

This was the best SAVE Day ever! I want to thank all who participated, donated, volunteered, and planned for this year's SAVE Day event at Asbury Children's Supper Hour. The children loved the fruit skewers, hot new turkey sloppy Joes, quesadillas, veggies, apples to dip in peanut butter and make your own snack mix to try.

I hope you saw the article for the Alliance in today's State Journal Register.

Your Foundation donation of $750.00 to our children's program will be put to good use adding fresh fruits and veggies and dairy products to our menus.

What a day filled with great nutritious food, fun games and "Kid" On the Run activities.

Thank you for all you do to support our Asbury Children's Supper hour Health project.

Most sincerely,
Vicki Potter Director and Foundation member

Advocates for Darfur

On Friday, November 7, 2008, Don and Sheri Ramsey participated in a demonstration in front of the Sudanese Embassy in Washington, D.C. They also displayed our local Advocate for Darfur painted tent in the Mall between the monuments. This is just one of many actions they have taken against the injustice in Darfur.

Sheri was the founder of the Land of Lincoln Advocate for Darfur. Along with this group, she has spearheaded Art for Dar-fur. This year Sheri and Don hosted the October 11th fundraiser at their scenic barn near Glenarm. Local artists donated paintings or 40% of the sale of their art to aid victims of the Darfur genocide. The event raised over $10,000 to buy solar stoves from the Jewish World Watch Solar Stove Project. The women in the camps who use these stoves are safer because they do not have to leave the camps to collect firewood for cooking. Thanks to this event, 330 women will not have to risk rape, torture and death just to feed their families.

Don and Sheri sought help from several medical families. Mary Ann McRae was a sponsor and helped atthe event. The artists included Don and Sheri Ramsey, David Sumner, Roland and Hazen Folse, and Joan Barenfanger. Sheri also donated a large Washington Park pastel painting for the raffle. Carol Posegate, Steven and Lisa Stone, Alan and Elaine Birtch, Mac McIlhaney and Barb Bonansinga and Molly Schlich helped with set- up, the African food, music, festivities and clean-up. Other medical families enjoyed the day.

This is a great example of medical families enjoying each other as they improve the health of others. The next Art for Dar-fur will take place in 2010, and Sheri invites more medical families to participate.

SCMS Foundation News Archives, 2007-2008

2008 SCMS Foundation Humanitarian

At our May annual meeting, SCMS Foundation honored Jane Locascio as our Humanitarian of the Year. Jane is an exceptional community volunteer and leader. She is also an outstanding example of our Alliance motto "to make the community a better place to live." She chaired St. John's Hospital's 2006 and 2008 Toast of the Town fundraisers which raised over $200,000 for the Children's Healing Garden at St. John's Hospital.

Yoga at School

More than 900 Glenwood Middle School students experienced the benefits of yoga in April through a Toga at School program. It was co-sponsored by Kids at Koke Mill and the Sangamon County Medical Society Alliance through our Healthy Choices for Children health project. Physical therapist Amy Faught demonstrated a variety of stretching and strengthening poses as well as breathing and relaxation techniques.

Approximately 50 of the students decided to continue practicing what they had learned. They enrolled in a four-week series of after-school yoga classes.

Yoga can help children learn to relax as well as develop better body awareness, self-control, flexibility and coordination. Skills developed in yoga can also carry into daily routines. It can also help children stay calm in difficult situations throughout the day. Children who lack coping mechanisms may have difficulty concentrating in school and can sometimes develop anxiety disorders.

The Foundation will continue to partner with Kids at Koke Mill to bring yoga to Springfield middle school students through our newly funded health project, Healthy Mind and Body.